September 20, 2008

In the past three years I do believe I've used up my allotment of patience. F.D.Davis recently had a death in her family and I was extremely considerate of her feelings. I even gave her time off so that she could attend the funeral. I told her she could work double shifts to make it up when she returned. Eve glared at me and the mortal didn't even have the grace to say thank you.

So, I decided that maybe I would do more. I do have a heart. This is the way it went: F.D. stop that wailing there is no need to make such a racket besides you're going to soil the pages.

F.D. Nothing, nada zip. She looks at me as if she'd like to hit me. So I shook my head thinking surely I had to be seeing things and I said as calmly and as sweetly as I know how.

"F.D. you do not have to worry about death if that is your concern. When the time comes I will simply turn you and bring you over."

I smiled at her, smiled, yes me and yes I gave her my biggest brightest smile and waited for her to fall on her knees in gratitude. The fool wouldn't die. But did she thank me? Hell No!!!! She ran for me and ran straight to Eve's quarters and returned with Eve as though Eve were in control and not I.

I could not help myself I blinked at the sheer audacity of the both of them seeking to confront me, to tell me that F. D. does not wish my gift. That's nonsense and it's also rude. Besides, I'd already made up my mind. When I turn her she will be able to produce more work in a timely manner. Maybe then she will learn how to appreciate that which I will give to her. As for Eve, that woman continues to vex my spirit. She ordered me...ME. ADAM OMEGA. VAMPIRE. She ordered me not to involve myself in either the life or death of my assistant. Eve has told me that she is close to finding a reversal of the gift I've bequeathed on her. No matter for if she has I will just have to turn her again and again......and, well you get the picture.

Adam Omega, Vampire

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