April 16, 2009


Carnivale DiaboliqueIt has been two months since last I graced you with my presence. Part of the reason is the picture of the cover of the latest worked penned by F.D. Davis. Perhaps you remember this journey that the two of us began. I did so at the behest of Eve. During those early days F.D. would not leave me be. She quaked when I entered the room, was filled with lust when I looked her way. Now it is as though she believes herself to be equal with me.

She is not and never will be. She is mortal and I am not.

Then I noticed I was beginning to behave in a most human fashion. I deluded myself that some of you mortals would question my absence, but no, nary a one. It was then I decided TO HELL WITH MORTALS!!!

If you would rather have a fallen angel, a demon to take possession of your dreams, then that is your choice. I am Adam Omgea and in no need of human companionship. Do not attribute your human emotions of jealousy to me for I am not. I am bored with the lot of you.


Adam Omega, Vampire

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