May 6, 2009

one fourth of a  dollarRecently it has come to my attention that mortals are complaining about the scarcity of my commenting. Perhaps if mortals would take the time to comment I would think about their words. Until they have done what I command and learn how to yield to my will and follow simple instructions then I will not even consider doing anything that they might request.

Though it might seem to some of you mortals that I have nothing to do with my time but bow to your whims. Let me make myself clear that I am Adam Omega. If I deign to write down my thoughts, I do so at my leisure.

I have much more important matters that I must attend to, an empire to run, a wife who has appointed herself judge and jury that must be dealt with.

However I'm not without feeling. Please accept the above token and do yourself a favor and go get a life.

As always,

Adam Omega, Vampire

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