May 16, 2009

Carnivale DiaboliqueDear Mortals,

There has been much concern of late that F. D.'s momentary fascination with Vulcan has annoyed me. Let me assure you that while I personally can't begin to fathom her interest in a demon it concerns me not at all. And before you use mortal logic to assume that if I were not conerrencedith her interest in another I would not be blogging about the matter I will address that. Let me assure you before it can take root that it is fine with me.

Perhaps I've mentioned this in passing or perhaps not. It does not matter. I am owed a favor by the demon. It doesn't hurt to have those beneath you owing you favors.

And yes, I will acknowledge for the sake of argument that in his own way women seem to find him appealing. For a demon he is rather striking. I think he would even make a so so vampire if he so chose.

Regardless of his physical appearance Eve is not enamored. We have made our peace. Since I have gotten over my aversiovampiricing love to vampiric women, vampirichat, to one vampiric woman. Eve. All is well in our kingdom.

My time to talk to you mortals has been limited because of the demands put on me by my wife. Her appetites borders on gluttonous and it pleases me. So it delights me that F. D. has found amusement elsewhere.

Shoul d the matter change there will be no more Vulcan.

Adam Omega, Vampire

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