About Adam

As a human I lived my life in reverence and faith. The only path I could take was that of a priest. Two things happened that I was not prepared for: I fell in love. I gave up the church in order to live as husband and wife with Eyanna. That was the easiest to take. It was finding out that the tales Eyanna told me were really true. Vampires really did exist. It was then I truly realized the depth of my love for my wife. I went to hell in order to save her.

I have lived a thousand years as a vampire. I am not seeking redemption, but I am seeking a way to destroy myths and legends and to bring my kind into the light as I am. My greatest power is my mind. I have believed myself into a life that no other vampire dare lives. I sit in the churches, wear a crucifix and bath my hands in holy water. I am an abomination to the others of my kind, and that is what keeps me alive.

I am a rich and powerful vampire and after many centuries have learned the secret that has destroyed many vampires. Man’s belief. Only I know man’s disbelief in me and my kind keeps him safe. I've studied them, know they speak prayers and wear crosses for show. They have no belief. But I do.  My frequent haunts include The Vatican. I am versed in every language known to man and many that aren't. I have amassed a fortune that unbeknownst to any vampire or mortal I generously give to those less fortunate.

I freely walk around in daylight. I sit in the churches; I am friends with a priest. My home is adorned with religious articles that keep my dwelling safe from other vampires wishing me dead.

I have thwarted many rebellions despite my efforts to have my scientists produce a blood supply that will keep all vampires safe from human detection, as well as give an adrenaline rush.

The one thing that I have not had in all this time is love. Before I became what I am, I was a priest. I was forced from the church when I fell in love with Eyanna and married her.

I am a man on a mission. Make that a vampire. Having lived a thousand years I have mastered the sun and live my life as a mortal man. Rich beyond my wildest dreams, I seek to bring my kind into the light without fear…to taste the sun…to not need the tainted blood of humans to survive. To my chagrin my kind fears their life and fears me.

A lingering memory of love is reawakened when I spots Eve. A lingering memory of anger is burned into existence when I discover the truth. The soul of my long dead Eyanna now resides in the body of Eve.

Hurt and anger has burned in me for a thousand years. My sacrifice was for naught. When I meet Eve and discover her soul is that of my long dead Eyanna I am torn between hating and loving her.

I repeatedly attempt to dispel Eve of any romantic notions she has about my nature. When put to the test I kill a man and drain his blood in front of her. I makes no apology, because, “I am a vampire.”