Lest Ye Be JudgedLest Ye Be Judged

F.D. Davis
Publisher: W.D. Publishing


Adam Omega is back. And this time he’s back for blood. The death and destruction that always seems to follow in his wake, has until now been naught but a dress rehearsal. Adam has taken off the gloves. No more Mr. Nice guy. (Of course nice to Adam Omega has it‘s own meaning.)

This time Adam has come to reclaim all that he owns, and that includes Eve. “Judge not,” he warned. “I will come with a sword and wreck vengeance on any and all that disrespect my house.”

It wasn’t just a warning, it was prophesy. The time has come for Adam to cleanse his house of heretics. To do that effectively, he must contend with his wayward wife. He must defeat Eve at her own game, using the powers that are her birthright. He will learn to master what she was born to. If Eve is to become a vampire witch, than so be it. So will he. He is Adam Omega. He will not know less than any being, including Eve.

How was Adam to know Eve had not been idle?

In Blood We TrustIn Blood We Trust

F.D. Davis
Publisher: Parker Publishing, LLC


Adam Omega finally has what he's missed the most: his wife. The only thing, he's turned his wife into a vampire and he detests the touch of a vampiric woman in the act of making love. Adam's love for Eve grows, but along with that is his dismay at not being able to make love to her.

Eve fights to understand her new nature vowing never to give into it fully, not to allow herself to prey on humans. She will not become a blood drinker. She has also decided she will not live without sexual fulfillment.

Sullivan has survived the light of the sun with Eve's help. A woman he once admired as a mortal has become a woman he now desires. Just one little problem. The woman belongs to Adam Omega and Adam doesn't share. How will Adam Omega handle the mess he's made of his life? Will his obsessive love for Eve force him into destroying the planet?

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In Blood We Trust has been chosen as a Joyfully Reviewed Recommended Read.

Joyfully Reviewed

Affaire deCoeur

In Blood We Trust will captivate you from the first paragraph, forcing you to flip from page to page holding your breath.? The character development is phenomenal, the setting descriptions
are suburb, and the storyline is from another world.? With the second installment of Adam's story, Davis confirms her role as the prominent new voice of paranormal romance.

M. Bruner

RT (Romantic Times) gives In Blood We Trust a four star review.

Davis presents another bloodsucking tale in her vampire series. Though vampires are often portrayed as scary creatures, these characters are anything but. Kudos to Davis for creating a stand-alone novel with a true alpha male who's also a vampire. Adam is the man!

Summary: Adam Omega has fallen in love with a mortal woman that he determines is his wife from a former life. In order to prevent her from dying, he does the unthinkable and bites her, infusing her with his blood, saving her life and turning her into a vampire.

Eve is livid when she discovers that Adam has turned her. Her only outlet is with another vampire, her friend Sullivan. Unfortunately, Sullivan is Adam's enemy, and matters get worse when Eve and Sullivan become intimate, causing Adam to make life a living hell. (Parker, Oct., 235 pp., $10.95)

Eleanor S. Shields

The Romance Readers Connection (

F.D. Davis
Parker Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-60043-041-1
September 2008
Paranormal Romance- Multicultural

Love shouldn't be punishing or hurtful but for Adam Omega and Eve that's exactly how it feels. Eve loves Adam today the same way she did hundreds of years before. The problem is that she was once a mortal and today she is a vampire. She dreads everyday that she wakes and finds herself without the friends and the one man that she once loved. Adam, her husband is the one true love of her life but she can't get over his betrayal of turning her into one of his own. To make matters worst Eve is caught in a battle between Adam and his top enemy, Sullivan.

Adam Omega has more power than any mortal or vampire. He can have any woman he wants but he only wants Eve. Eve is his one weakness and he would do anything for her. It seems everything but the one thing that gets in his way and that is making love to her. He has an aversion for being intimate with any woman that is a vampire based on the love he received from one woman many years ago. She changed not only his life but his desires. But his need to have Eve in his life has him doing things he normally wouldn't do for anyone. But is it enough to bring her back to him?

Adam and Eve should be living the life of luxury feeding off of their love for each other. But it appears that the two of them just can't get it together. It doesn't help that eve is dangling between two men; Adam and Sullivan, another vamp that wants to destroy Adam at any cost. Ms. Davis has written a story that tangles the lives of three people into plot where it's difficult to tell who will come out on top. I found this story packed with suspense and memorable characters. Adam maybe known as the greatest but Eve sure gives him a run for the title.

Reviewed by Lora McDonald
Rating 4

In The Beginning-Book coverIn The Beginning

F.D. Davis
Publisher: Parker Publishing, LLC


Adam Omega is a man on a mission. Make that a vampire. Having lived a thousand years, Adam has mastered the sun and lives his life as a mortal man. He seeks to bring his kind into the light without fear to taste the sun or the need of the tainted blood of humans to survive. To his chagrin his kind fears his life and fears Adam. Then he sees Eve and anger burns into existence when he discovers the soul of his long dead Eyanna now resides in this mortal's body.

Eve's quest for a more spiritual life is fueled by dreams that she can't quite remember. She's running from evil and runs straight into the path of a vampire that desires her. Her only hope appears in the form of Sullivan, another vampire who wants Eve to help destroy Adam. As Eve's soul realigns with her forgotten memories, her past love for Adam is reawakened. Will her desire to remain mortal save her from the life Adam wants to force on her?