Adam's World

The Inhabitants

Eve Moses

crystalsAdam has turned me. Against my will he has made me into that which I despise. He brought me back from the brink of death to be by his side as his 'wife'. How dare he presume to play God! I do not want this existence, but I no longer wish to die either.

He says I must surrender myself to this new life. I will not allow myself to become like him, a blood drinker. I must find a way back, there has to be a cure. I have to concentrate, think, and remember who I am.

Is there no one that can save me from this nightmare?


smokeI only sought to bind Adam’s powers, not kill him. After all I am nothing like him. My first mistake was underestimating that weasel Uriel. Apparently his stupidity knew no limits and cost him dearly. My second mistake was Eve’s love for Adam which turned out to be his salvation.

Adam's twisted revenge was to condemn me to walk out into the light of day thinking I would surely perish. But I survived. Thanks to Eve.

I find myself drawn to her, more so, now that she is one of us. I also feel compelled to help her adjust to her new nature, even if it means incurring Adam’s wrath.

The Departed


UrielThey believe me to be stupid with not a brain in my head, but I am also a vampire.  Something that both Adam and Sullivan would do well to remember.

Sullivan, the fool, thinks I am with him in his quest to overthrow Adam, I have no loyalty.  I admit I am at most times a weak, groveling, coward, who does not act the part of an immortal.  Do not underestimate me, I will strike and take the advantage when the opportunity arises.